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Krog Devlog #8 - NPCs and Performance
Hey all! Development continues. Today I'm going to try a few GIFs instead of the YouTube embeds I was using before. Crunching these down to the 3mb limit for it...
Krog Devlog #7 - Streams and Pools
Locomen dig streams and pools inside the castle to grow more locomen and structures, not terribly unlike Zerg creep. Today I got a test together of a new terrai...
Krog Devlog #6 - Bunch of Stuff
Hey there, lots of updates since the last devlog! I've got a marvelous gang of students contributing to Krog once more, so let's have a look at some of their wo...
Krog Devlog #5 - Terrain
Hello! I've got some level design tech to share today. Past logs detail the tile system I built for Krog. This was largely similar to the technique I used in Fo...
Krog Devlog #4 - Blockman NPC
Blockmen are operational this week, shooting ranged projectiles at the Player. These were a fun level design element in the original, as they broke obstacles, d...
Krog Devlog #3 - Camera, Level Art
This week's update is lighter than usual, but not without progress. I put together a simple new level art test and made some modifications to the camera. Also s...
Krog Devlog #2 - Systems Update
Hi, it's been a fairly quiet week. I'll be sharing some details of the systems that support the core of the game. First off is the progress on Game Menus . I'm...
Krog Devlog #1 - The Story so far
First devlog post! So let's get caught up. Let's start with some background information. Krog is a game I originally started making in 2011. I didn't know Unity...

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