Krog Devlog #8 - NPCs and Performance

Hey all! Development continues. Today I'm going to try a few GIFs instead of the YouTube embeds I was using before. Crunching these down to the 3mb limit for itch was a bit of a challenge, so we'll see if I do this again next time...

First up we've got a new hazardous structure - the Locohive! It's spikes pop out on a timer, damaging anything nearby. Krog will need to time their attacks carefully to take it down, else try to avoid it.

Snails are now complete. These creatures use their spiked shell to roll at Krog from great distances, dealing damage. They can also hide inside their shells to become impervious to damage. Quite annoying, actually... 

Locomen are now hatching from buds in pools, as well.

The iOS/Android version has a new on-screen gamepad, referencing optimal button layout from other leading apps. 

On the note of mobile, I have been continuing to optimize as development continues, and I'm happy to say the game is running above 30fps on the Switch and most modern phones -- without any resolution down scaling.

That's all for now! See you next time.

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