A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Made at TOJam by Pixels and Bananas Jam Front Team. Munstah Chase is a game built in 2 and a half very exciting days. This game is an Alpha build; it's stable, but incomplete in some areas.

"What's the game like?"

In familiar terms, Mario Kart plus Temple Run plus Critter crunch. It's a racing game where you can eat things smaller than you are, and get eaten by things bigger than you. We chose to go with an endless track so that gameplay doesn't need to end prematurely.


Use an XBOX 360 Controller or Keyboard with Arrow keys, Z, X, C, and Spacebar.


Ryan Miller
Game Design & Programming

Eyal Assaf
Modelling & Rigging

Bruno Amezcua
Concept Art & Animation

Thanks to...

Robby Duguay - Composer

Suzanne Miller - Voice Actor

Mary Jane Cortez - Modelling & Texturing Floater

Adam Beardsley - Modelling & Texturing Floater


Munstah Chase Win 64 (Gamepad / Keyboard) 21 MB
Munstah Chase OS X (Gamepad / Keyboard) 20 MB
Munstah Chase Android (Needs Gamepad) 18 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .exe and data folder to the same directory. Launch and Play! XBOX controller recommended.

OS X: Unzip and Play. XBOX controller recommended. Get a Mavericks compatible driver here.

Android: Not for everybody: requires a gamepad to play, such as a bluetooth GamePad, an OTG cable (micro-usb to female usb) with an XBOX controller, an NVIDIA Shield, etc.